24 year old thoughts

late night thoughts

Amb 24 anys una no ha madurat massa però se sent agraïda per moltes coses, com per exemple per que aquell dia de tardor es meus pares s’estimessin. Per tantes felicitacions des de moltes parts del món. Per totes ses decisions que m’han duit fins aquí, per no haver de prendre més cafè de màquina de sa UdL i per poder estar estudiant cèl·lules mare. Per que ses canes que tenc encara no se noten massa i per sa gent que no me jutja per no tenir carnet de conduir. Per es qui m’acompanyen ara, aprop i enfora, de fa anys o de fa mesos, i per es que en algun moment ho han fet. Per qui llegeixi aquest text interminable. I per tant d’amor.

As a 24 year old one has not grown up that much but feels grateful for so many things, such as that autumn day when my parents loved each other. For so many birthday wishes from many places in the world. For the decisions that have taken me where I am, for not having to drink any more coffee from the machine at the university and for being able to do stem cell research. For my grey hairs not showing that much and for people not judging me for not having a driving license. For everyone that is with me, or that has been at some point. For people reading this endless madness. And for so much love



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