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Avui se celebra a Irlanda.un referèndum per si s’ha d’aprovar o no es matrimoni homosexual. És interessant perquè serà es poble qui decideixi, en lloc de ser es govern qui ho aprovi ho prohibeixi. És impressionant veure quanta gent demana es SÍ tenint en compte sa recent història d’aquest país (sa homosexualitat era il·legal fins fa menys de 25 anys!). Tot i així, m’he quedat bastant sorpresa de veure que hi ha campanyes en contra, que intenten convèncer a sa gent de que es homosexuals no han de tenir aquest dret. Senyors, s’estimaran igual amb matrimoni o sense, viviu i deixau viure!


Today there is a referendum for marriage equality in Ireland to see if they allow gay marriage. It is interesting that people are going to decide on that rather than the government like in other countries. It is amazing to see how many people want that change considering their recent history. However, I am quite still surprised of seeing a #voteno campaign, where people try to convince others that they should deny marriage to homosexuals. Darlings, they are going to love eachother anyway, with or without marriage. So just live and let others live, too.