Cheerio gray weather,


M’agrada es moment d’arribar i sentir parlar català, i demanar qualsevol indicació per parlarne. I m’agrada veure quant d’amor se respira en un aeroport. I que es sol m’escalfi sa cara.

Nota: encara que es temps sigui millor que a Belfast, “hasta el 40 de mayo no te quites el sayo”, que diuen.

Bones vacances!

I like the moment when I arrive and I hear people speaking catalan. And asking some indications to speak in my language. I like seeing the love in the airport. And the heat of the sun on my skin.

N.B. Although the weather is much better than in Belfast, here we say “until the 40th of May, your smock on should remain”. Oh yeah, I made it rime.

Have a great break everyone !


Spring in Belfast


Senyores i senyors, es sol ha arribat a Belfast. Tothom a resar per que se quedi uns dies més. I ja de pas, que digui sa caloreta, que cada vegada me passa lo mateix.

Ladies and gentlemen, the sun is shinning in Belfast. Everyone go pray for it to stay for a few more days. And why not, for it to bring the warm weather, because I always get confused and have to go back for my coat.


Crisis pre-partida


No, no, i no! Jo me qued aquí, amb es soleet, menjant serrano i coses bones sense límit, amb na Lilí. Però mirau quin cel! I ara tornar-me’n allà, on hi plou cada dia? I a parlar anglès, que passaré una setmana (com si només fos una setmana) sense entendre res. I cadascú amb es seu accent, que pareix que he anat a un país desconegut. A substituïr es pa amb oli per quinoa i a dormir amb tres capes de pijama.

Només seran uns dies més, puc? puc? puc?


NO WAY! I’m staying here, with the sun, eating serrano ham and great things with no limit. With Lilí. Look at the sky! And now I have to go back there, where it rains every day? And back to speaking English. I will have that first week (as if it was only a week!) when I don’t understand anyone. Everyone with their cute accents, so difficult I feel I traveled to an unknown country. And substituting our typical dishes with quinoa and spleeping with a three layer pijamas.

Just a few more days, please please please!